10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

“Dreams are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand.” – Carl Jung.

Carl Jung was a 19th century psychotherapist. He conducted a series of studies and concluded that looking into dreams was opening a door into consciousness and the spirit world.

Dreams are a reflection a person’s sub conscious. Reading into dreams allows us to decode a person’s thoughts and repressed emotions. The dominant emotions and feelings in a person’s sub conscious manifests itself in the form of recurrent symbols in their dreams.

Here are 10 symbols common to dreams that you should never ignore:


If you see yourself flying in your dream you need to reach ambition. Dreams of flying indicate excessive freedom and the urge to achieve and accomplish everything on your way.



The symbol of water is usually related to purity and calmness. It is considered extremely pious to dream about water. It signifies that the water is washing out the old and paving way for something new and great.


Some dreams with teeth signify aging. Others however relate to stress and anxiety. A dream about pulling out teeth denotes the need to come out.


Dreaming of death usually symbolizes the ending of something. But in some cases dreams of death may also mean a loved one is trying to connect with you.


Dreaming of being pregnant means some major growth is on your way. It is a symbol of development and fruitful desires.

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