16 Amazing application’s of common salt that will make your house always shine and smell good (The number # 10 You Surely Don’t Know)

This food is definitely the most common spice that appears in everyone’s kitchen. Not expensive, but useful is more than you can imagine. See at which 16 ways you can use are, and that is not a diet.

1. Get rid of smelly shoes

Make canvas bags and put salt where is unpleasant feeling for a few hours. Also, you can just pour salt in the shoes, let it sit, and then vacuum it.

2. Get rid of ants

To get rid of ants mix salt and water in the volume of 1: 4. Spray this mixture wherever the ants appear.

3. Remove the onion smell from your hands

Onions and garlic odor left on your hands when you are chopping. Therefore, when we complete our cooking with wet hands, rub them using you and rinse.
4. Prevent spattering

Before you put the meat or fish in the pan to fry them, pour a little salt to the oil would not be sprayed.
5. Clean iron

To remove stains from the iron, set it to the highest temperature, on the baking sheet sprinkle with salt and drag the iron a few times.

6. Prevent mold on the curtains in the bathroom

As soon as you buy a curtain for your shower or bath, wash with the salt water to prevent mold.

7.Treat mosquito bites

To get rid of the itching causing mosquito bite, soak your finger in water, and then in salt and rub the sting.
8.Make  your copper objects shine again

They will do a miracle when it comes to polishing and copper items. Mix vinegar, flour, salt and lemon juice and polish their pretmete of copper.
9. Make a cheap and safe colors for your children

Mix a cup of flour with one cup of salt, then add a cup of water and add a few drops of food coloring.
10. Prevent cutted  vegetables and fruit becomes brown

To fruits and vegetables remain fresh in a bowl pour the water and add a little salt, and fruit and vegetables are placed in a bowl until you use it.

11. Clean the sink

Make a paste of salt and lemon juice to clean stains on sinks. In fact, it works better than many chemicals.


12. Make your own natural air freshener

To do this, you need a half cup of salt, 20-30 drops of essential oil and rose petals. This simply leave in the bowl or jar. You can also make a bowl of peel of oranges or grapefruit.

13. Do not let the scams in restaurants

If you find a hair in the food while you are in a restaurant, ask for the replacement. However, before you call staff, season with salt foods so that you get a new food you are sure they are not returned  the original portion.
14. Prevent freezing window

Wipe the windows with water salt so the ice can not collect on them. Another solution is to linen bag filled with salt hold on a window sill.

15. Make the candles melt seamlessly

To candles nice and evenly melted dip them in salt water for several hours. Then dry them and turn on.

16. If there is a fire in the kitchen, fix the problem in a simple way

If the fire in the kitchen is out of control, it is necessary only to throw salt at her. It will prevent the flow of oxygen and reduce fire. Salt should always be on hand.


16 Amazing application\'s of common salt that will make your house always shine and smell good (The number # 10 You Surely Don\'t Know)
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